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How do you ensure that my footage is safe?

How do you choose the music for my video?

General Questions

On the wedding day, I always shoot with multiple cameras so there is always a backup camera. My cameras have dual slot memory recording, so I record to two memory cards simultaneously, just in case something goes wrong with one of the cards. After the wedding, I immediately back up your footage onto two different hard drives to be absolutely sure nothing can go missing! If you'd really like to ensure no shots or moments are missed, consider adding a second videographer to your wedding video package.

Only legally licensed music can be used in your wedding video. This means most popular songs are not able to be used legally. My music comes from Musicbed which has a vast selection of beautiful songs to choose from. After your wedding, I look through the footage to get a feel for it and search for a song that fits your taste as a couple and also the vibe of your wedding day. If you want, I can send a few options after the wedding so that you can help choose the song, but ultimately I maintain creative control with the music! Song choice is key to the creative process and is part of why you are hiring a professional! Trust us!

What does the booking process look like?

Do you offer payment plans?

We know that you're making a lot of big investments into your wedding day, and we want to help! If you need some flexibility, ask about payment plans to see how we can divvy up your investment and make it more feasible for you.

First, you'll fill out a contact form to see if I'm available! Next, we'll do a Zoom or FaceTime call so we can chat face to face and see if we would be a good fit. After that, I'll send over a contract if we hit it off and want to do the dang thing!! You'll sign the contract, pay the 50% retainer fee, and just like that, I'll be your wedding videographer!

Do you use a drone?

Do you offer raw footage?

My version of raw footage is the documentary film add-on. This is like a fancier home video of your day! It's essentially all of the usable footage of the day put together into one long-form documentary style video, with the in-camera audio. Length varies depending on hours of coverage on your day.

I do not offer raw footage in the form of each and every individual clip being sent to you.

Sometimes! Use fo the drone depends on weather, location, and is typically only offered when your package includes a second videographer. Some venues don't allow drone use or are too close to no-fly zones, it can't be flown in inclement weather such as rain, wind, or snow, and sometimes there's not enough time booked to get the drone up. But if we have venue permission, good weather, and time, we will try to fly the drone!

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