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michaela + josh

"OMG BRENNA!!! We just watched the video this morning and you are incredible. The video was even more than we had hoped for, thank you for capturing our day in the most perfect was perfect. Literally perfect. I cannot thank you enough. We are truly in awe. I would recommend you to everyone, our video is so dreamy, I bawled and bawled. I couldn't be happier with it. You really should be so proud of your work!"

Sarah + mike

"I wish I could give a million stars. We eloped during covid and booked Brenna to do our elopement video so that our friends and family could witness our wedding day after the fact. BEST decision we made! She was so great at capturing the essence of the wedding day, perfectly putting everything to music and making everyone cry every time we watch it! She had amazing questionnaires and did a couple Zoom calls with us to make sure she really knew what we wanted. She even waded knee deep in a lake to get the perfect shot - what more can you ask for! Would recommend over and over again!"

emma + jeremy

"OH MY WORD. I'M OBSESSED. I feel like I just re-lived the whole day. You killed it!!!! It's like honestly AMAZING. I'm so happy we got a wedding video you are so freaking good. Thank you so so so so much!!!!!!"

caleb + lauren

"Brenna this video is BEYOND stunning and I literally ugly cried at it. It's so beautiful. Thank you so so much, this way exceeded my expectations, it's truly so beautiful and touching. Everything is perfect. If the photographer lost all the photos I wouldn't even be upset. This video is perfect and so special, thank you so so much."

kate + aaron

"Omg!! We love the video, you have both Aaron and myself in tears with the shaky butterflies! It brought happy tears and big smiles which is something we definitely needed. You did an amazing job and we love how it captures all the details and special moments, you definitely made it a memorable day for us. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We love it and we definitely cherish the videos forever!"

carolina + charlie

"OH MY GOD BRENNA!! The video is so amazing!!!! We absolutely LOVE it. It just brought so much emotion back and we loved seeing all the little moments that we missed during the day. Thank you so much for capturing our wedding so perfectly!! It's PERFECT."

jennifer + basil

"This is beyond beautiful!!!!! We love it!!!!! Oh my days!!! It is so beautiful!!!! What?! You're amazing Brenna!!!!!! Amazing work. Can't find enough words. It's been stuck on replay."

Caitlin + HECTOR

"Thank you so much, we love our video!! It's better than anything I could imagine. I think I cried more watching it than on my actual wedding day. Having a videographer for our wedding day was a last minute decision and Hector still wasn't completely convinced we needed one, but after seeing our video even he said it's the right decision and we're so glad we did it."


"I honestly don't even know what to say. You have blown us away. Being able to watch this video has shone a light on our most special day and brought so many memories flooding in. Our families were not able to attend our wedding and this shows them every detail, every special moment, and makes them feel apart of it. Every couple needs to understand how important what you do is and how much more meaningful a video can be over just photos. Please never stop making videos for people. Your skill needs to be shown to the world. Thank you."

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